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How To Rebuild Your Own Piano

How To Rebuild Your Own Piano

How To Rebuild Your Own Piano
How To Rebuild Your Own Piano

"Only a Piano Technician can rebuild a piano!!"

Don't You Believe It!

What is the difference between you
and a piano technician?

A piano technician has information that you do not have.

With the correct information
you can do the job as well as he.

If you want that information
you have come to the right place.

It is all explained in detail right here in my eBook entitled,
"How To Rebuild Your Own Piano"

Look at the Table Of Contents...


Chapter 1 - Take The Cabinet Apart

This chapter deals with the very important steps required for taking your piano apart for rebuilding. I have included a special chapter on taking a Grand Piano apart.

Also included in this chapter are plans to build your own piano tilter. One person can easily tilt a piano over on its back for repairs and re-stringing.This tilter is my own personal design included FREE.

Chapter 2 - Remove Strings & Tuning Pins

In this chapter you will learn to record all the vital information about the design of the piano that you will need for ordering parts and installing them correctly -- very important!

Chapter 3 - Remove Plate

This can be a difficult job or an easy job if you do it right. Discover the easy way in this chapter.

Chapter 4 - Order Strings & Action Parts

You want to order the right parts the first time. Avoid costly mistakes with the detailed guidance I provide here. It pays to do it right the first time.

Chapter 5 - Repair Soundboard & Bridges

Do you have a cracked soundboard? Don't despair! You can save your piano with my special instructions in this chapter.

Chapter 6 - Replace Plate & Re-String

Re-stringing can be a pleasure or a nightmare. I want you to enjoy your work and get the best results. Find all the information you need right here.

Chapter 7 - Repair Keyboard

Replace chipped ivories or recover the entire keyboard. It will be a pleasure playing your piano again!

Chapter 8 - Repair Action

What do all those moving parts do? Discover the answer here. You will be surprised how nicely your piano plays again -- just like new!

Chapter 9 - Assemble Cabinet

Here you can get it all together, with no parts left over.

Chapter 10 - Install New Dampers & Hammers

You need to do a first class job here to bring out the best tone in your piano. Make your piano sing again.

Chapter 11 - Re-felt Keybed & Tune

New felt will give your keyboard a nice touch. You will be amazed how well it plays.

Chapter 12 - Regulate Action - Upright

All the moving parts must travel the correct distance and move at the right time. A good regulation job will give the action maximum performance.

Chapter 13 - Regulate Action - Grand

Regulating a grand action is a much more involved procedure. You will have step by step instructions to do a super job.

Chapter 14 - Tune Up To Pitch

This final chapter describes the best way to bring the piano up to pitch. If you need more help with tuning it will be found in my eBook,
"How To Tune Your Own Piano"

Note: I have included a special section on replacing a pin block in a grand or upright piano. This delicate operation is crucial to the quality of the entire rebuilding work. Get complete instruction in this very special document.

Note: If you are rebuilding a square grand, you will find special instructions to assist you in your project.


You won't believe the ridiculously low price that I am making all this invaluable information available to you for! Some companies charge $1,000's of dollars for this kind of information.

You can rebuild your own piano and save thousands of dollars that a piano technician would charge for this kind of work. Buy your eBook here for the unbelievably low price of only $26.95! USD

Make your purchase securely by credit card or money order (PayPal also accepted) and have immediate access to...

"How To Rebuild Your Own Piano"
It is also available as an application for MAC computers.


Customer Comments

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of us out here.
You are invaluable.
Keep up the good work."

Bob Barlow


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