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Keyboard Benches

Keyboard Benches


Digital Bench
SKU: J400
Digital Bench
12" x 24" x 20" high
(without music compartment)

Item #J400

Our price: $250.00
Digital Bench
SKU: J450
Digital Bench (with music compartment)
12" x 24" x 20" high

Item #J450

Our price: $258.40
Keyboard Bench - GRK
SKU: 46
Bench with Music Compartment
Top: 13" x 25"
Height: 19"
Item #46

Our price: $130.00
Traveling Collapsible Keyboard Bench
The new KBX Traveling Collapsible Keyboard bench adjusts to three levels, and folds flat for convenient storage and travel.
Available in black finish and vinyl seat.
Bench measurements - 13" W x 17" L x 18"-20" H (adjustable with screw)
Item #KBX

Our price: $67.00