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How To Tune Your Own Piano (printed copy)
SKU: PT-pc
Piano tuning explained for the beginner and professional.

Are you fascinated with the art of piano tuning?
Did you think that piano tuning is a mysterious science?

Satisfy your curiosity here!
You can tune your own piano.

Our price: $29.95
How To Repair Your Own Piano (printed copy)
SKU: PR-pc
Anyone can repair a piano...
with a little guidance and practice.
It's not all that difficult!

Why not SAVE the high cost of hiring a
"piano technician", and do it yourself?

For more information on piano repair, click "more info?"

Our price: $29.95
How To Rebuild Your Own Piano (printed copy)
Piano rebuilding explained.

"Only a Piano Technician can rebuild a piano!!"

Don't You Believe It!

What is the difference between you
and a piano technician?

Our price: $34.95
How To Refinish Your Own Piano (printed copy)
Have you ever thought about refinishing your own piano . . .

but didn't know how to begin?

Find the answers in my piano refinishing eBook entitled:

"How To Refinish Your Own Piano"

Our price: $29.95
How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Business (printed copy)
Piano technician's special.

Get your start to a NEW independent career
in piano technology...

Right Here!

Our price: $20.95
How To Build Your Own Piano Bench (printed copy)
SKU: PB-pc
Piano bench plans.

  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Sliding Dovetail Joinery or Metal Corner Brackets
  • Measurements: 14"W x 30"L x 20"H

  • Our price: $17.95
    How To Service Your Own Piano (printed copy)
    SKU: PS-pc
    Would you like to save some money?

    Purchase all 7 eBooks combined in this one eBook and SAVE over 40%

    Our price: $99.00
    How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Tool Case (printed copy)
    SKU: PTTC-pc
    Hard to find a suitable tool case for your piano tuning tools?
    The answer -- build your own with my tool case plans.

    Item #PTTC-pc

    Our price: $19.95